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TVU channel list

TVU is another popular p2p program that you can watch live football for free and many other TV program on it. To watch live football matches you must download and install(free download) TVU Player first. Two ways of watching live football matches:

Checked weekly. Last Check: 18/11/2010
NO. Channel Name Link
  1TV Sport TVU tvu://79177
A Adtv Xtra TVU tvu://79525
  Atdhe TVU tvu://40409
Atdhe 5 TVU tvu://65323
  Aslan Pencesi TVU tvu://64282
B Best of P2P TVU tvu://21501
  BBC TVU tvu://11204
C CCTV5 TVU tvu://10007
  CBS TVU tvu://10018
D Danish Delight TVU tvu://74939
  Danish Delight TVU 2 tvu://74942
E Eurosport Ro TVU tvu://79038
  ESPN USA TVU tvu://28007
  ESPN China TVU tvu://79549
F Fox Sports TVU tvu://59687
  Fox Soccer TVU tvu://21500
  Five UK TVU tvu://11203
  Footyfirst TVU tvu://70444
G GolTV TVU tvu://65217
  GSP TV TVU tvu://79040
I ITV1 TVU tvu://11201
K KTV3 TVU tvu://82008
N Navip TVU tvu://70613
  NTV Russia TVU tvu://79272
  NVS 1 TVU tvu://76435
  NVS 2 TVU tvu://76760
  NVS 3 TVU tvu://84158
  M and M 3 TVU tvu://76482
  NRK1 TVU tvu://11153
R RTR Sport TVU tvu://70615
  RTS1 TVU tvu://26779
  RTPi TVU tvu://66591
P P.A.B TVU tvu://66453
S Sport.ro TVU tvu://79039
  Shanghai Sports TVU tvu://28006
  StarSports TVU tvu://10006
  Setanta AU TVU tvu://76479
  Stadium-Live 1 TVU tvu://82386
  Stadium-Live 2 TVU tvu://82700
  Stadium-Live 3 TVU tvu://91525
  SNTV TVU tvu://54715
  Setanta US TVU tvu://74635
T TRT3 TVU tvu://82016
  TV MONDOPIZZA TVU tvu://69998
  TVP Sport TVU tvu://79532
  Tomcio TVU tvu://86274
  Tunisia-Tv TVU tvu://88432
  Tunisia-Tv HD TVU tvu://88428
  TBS TVU tvu://67621
  TRT1 TVU tvu://96770
U UKTV Sport TVU tvu://30314

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