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PPTV(PPLive) free streams

PPTV logoWhat is PPTV?

PPTV formerly known as PPLive. A majority of them are categorized as movie, music, TV series or live TV streaming. Also available are some specialties covering sports, news, game shows, etc. Most available programs are in Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean. There are also increasing amount of programs in English, such as Hollywood blockbuster movies and popular American TV shows. All these English-speaking shows are hard-coded with Chinese subtitles.

What language does PPTV Support?

PPTV now support two language: Chinese and English.

What PPTV provide?

We are most concerned about is the free live Premier League and other football games!

How to watch PPTV?

Like Sopcast, TVants and other p2p tv apps, you can watch PPTV in both Client and webpages. But I recommand to watch in webpages.

ways to watch PPTV live streaming:

1. Download and install PPTV plugin here.
2. refresh the live streaming page via IE(Internet Explorer).
3. waiting 3-5 mins for buffering.
4. enjoy!

It will be installed the PPLive Video Accelerator in both plugin and client and this is required.

Why  use web plugins instead of PPTV client?

PPTV client has many advertisements, eat more memory and Chinese language, webpage based plugin is enough and smart!